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Coolant (Anti- Freeze) 50:50


Solar Antifreeze (Coolant) 50:50 is a premium performance, environmentally pre-diluted coolant. The emulsion of this oil possesses excellent cooling and superior wetting capacity as well as good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. It can protect most of the metals such as ferrous, copper, aluminum etc, in cooling systems from corrosion. Solar Antifreeze (Coolant) can effectively control over sludge, deposits and staining in the cooling systems. Solar Antifreeze (Coolant) contains no nitrite, & phenol; and is an environmental-friendly product.


Solar Antifreeze (Coolant) is recommended for engine cooling systems where glycol type coolant is not necessary.


Good emulsion stability in either soft water or hard water

Excellent heat transfer and cooling properties

Good anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristics

Environmental – friendly, Cost effectiveness

Packing Sizes 200 Litres / 18 Litres / 4 Litres/ 1 Litre and 800 ml


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