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Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) D III


Solar ATF D III is a premium automatic transmission fluid designed for modern automatic gearboxes, The oil is blended with highly refined base oils and select additives to enhance oxidation stability, anti-friction, anti-wear and low temperature properties and low temperature fluidity. The oil meets the performance specifications of GM DEXRON III, Ford MERCON, Caterpillar T-2 and Allison C-4.


Solar ATF III is recommended for use in modern passenger cars and light trucks where Dexron III is required. It can also be used as hydraulic fluid in some automatic system and Vickers pumps.


Excellent modifying friction

High shear stability

Excellent low temperature performance

Superior thermal and oxidation stability

Outstanding foam resistance.

Packing Sizes 200 Litres / 18 Litres / 4 Litres / 1 Litre


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