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Premium HDX Engine Oil API CI4/SL


Solar Premium HDX CI.4/SL are extra Premium heavy-duty engine oil formulated for high viscosity index base oils and advanced multifunctional additives. The oil meet the specification of API CI.4/SL, CH.4/SJ, CF.4/SG.


Recommended and suitable for high speed Turbo-charged four stroke diesel engines operating under severe conditions in both on and off highway applications. This oil can be used for gasoline Engine required API SL grade oils.


Minimizes maintenance cost, prolongs engine life, lowers exhaust emission, protects engine against wear and corrosion, effective control over high temperature piston deposits, outstanding oxidation stability.

Packing Sizes 200 Liters/25 Liters/18Liters/5 Liters/1 Liter and 800 ml.


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