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HD Engine Oil SAE 10W/30/40/50 API CD/SF


Solar HD oils is a cost competitive crankcase oil developed for use in both diesel and gasoline engines. It is containing a package of antioxidation and anticorrosion additives, improving the oil properties of washing and dispersing as well as lubrication, viscosity, and temperature attributes.


Recommended and suitable for monograde 4 stroke motorcycles, gear boxes in 2 stroke motorcycles , and monograde heavy-duty diesel Engines equipment, trucks, vans and other machines. The Oil is designed for engines with and without turbocharges.


Minimizes maintenance cost, extend engine life and protection. Keeping the engine parts exceptionally clean. Maximizing oil drain period and maintenance period. Resisting sludge formation, protects engine against wear and corrosion, prolongs engine life and extending oil filter life.

Packing Sizes 200 Litres / 18 Liters / 5 Liters / 1 Liter and 800 ml


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